BOGARD has entered the Wine Additives category, recognising the considerable progress and potential of the Uzbek wine production. Dedicated to providing top quality and innovation across its product portfolio, BOGARD partners and represents a strongly research and development oriented company producing new bio-technologies, oenological specialties and innovative techniques in winemaking.


Together we can satisfy the palates of the most demanding wine enthusiasts!

Targeted at opening the full flavor of the grapes, our Wine Additives aim to help the wine reach its maximum organoleptic potential in terms of aroma, flavor, color, aftertaste and texture.

Service model

Our Wine Additives themselves are only one part of our service, which extends to constant customer support and transferring of know-how. In particular, depending on our client’s challenge we co-create tailor-made solutions that combine the right Wine Additives in order to get the optimal result. And then, we follow up the product throughout its entire lifetime cycle and offer possible adaptations and improvements. Besides, we proactively share insights into oenological latest trends and the wine industry innovations, to ensure that together with our clients we are always a step ahead of competition.


“Approved and certified by the O.I.V.

Wine Additives AVEL grapes 1 οινολογικά πρόσθεταOur range of specialty Wine Additives delivers against any need and challenge an oenologist and winemaker may face throughout the wine production process, “from the grape delivery to the bottle filling”. We bring relevant benefits to all types of wines, dry, sweet and sparkling ones and to all qualities, even to the most premium wines with delicate and sophisticated profiles. Our products are suitable for the numerous and unique varieties of the Greek vineyards and all modern wine making methods.

Our Wine Additives are certified and approved by the O.I.V. and are designed to contribute to “low level of SO2” in the final product. We are very proud to specialize in Biotechnology products that are certified for use in Organic Wine.

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Wine Additives AVEL yeasts οινολογικά πρόσθεταYeasts

Great variety of more than 20 types! We specialize in Non G.M.O. yeasts. For the coming years, BOGARD will continue testing and optimizing its yeasts across the Greek grape varieties.


for fermentation with high antioxidant effect


PE, PG, PL, b-glucanase, b-glycosidase, lysozyme with high enzymatic activity

  • Organic line: Multifunctional additives with antioxidant activity and contribution to organoleptic attributes
  • Inorganic materials


Tannins for ageing
Oak alternatives

French and American oak types

Clarifying agents

Allergen-free (pea protein and blends with contribution to organoleptic characteristics) and conventional.

Stabilizers – Gelatins
Filter sheets
Chemicals – raw materials

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