We grow steadily together with our customers, by following an Expansion Strategy focusing on portfolio diversification and internationalization.

We implement our strategy by constantly:

Renewing our current product portfolio, to ensure that we offer a broad choice of most novel, performing and relevant solutions.

Introducing new product categories in line with our clients’ needs, consumers’ expectations and global trends.

Initiating new partnerships with recognized suppliers.

Initiating new partnerships with clients in our current markets and in new geographies, thus so increase steadily our market share.

As a move to further support our Expansion Strategy, we proceeded internal reorganization and introduced a new role, the one of Product Manager. Product Managers are, among others, specialized in analyzing and assessing growth opportunities and potentials.  Besides, all our team members are highly engaged with our strategy and dedicated in identifying new business opportunities within their sectors.


International sales activity

We might be based in Uzbekistan, but we are rather an international company. With sales activity in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Southeastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia, we are constantly looking for new clients and markets to expand our business and deliver value-added solutions to more households. For that reason, we have assigned dedicated Sales Representatives to all our export markets.

Partnerships with international suppliers

The multinational character of our business is also reflected in numerous suppliers that we represent from all over the world, most of them based in Western Europe and the US. From industry global market leaders to start-ups offering niche but highly innovative solutions, all our suppliers have one common denominator: They are recognized for the excellent quality of their specialty ingredients.

A success to-be-continued

Our on-going success in the marketplace points to our further geographical expansion, through partnerships with new clients and suppliers, and our portfolio constant renovation.

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